Free Resources Relationships and Sex Education

Access our innovative classroom resources for RSE and PSHE, using images of historical objects as a way of tackling those tricky subjects outside of the biology of sex.

LGBT+ Objects – Free Resources

Access our free resources which can help teachers and youth workers include LGBT+ identities in the classroom and beyond. Using collections across the UK.

Talking sex with objects from the past

Find out how we use historical material to open up discussions with young people about urgent issues today such as consent, body image, pornography and gender identity.

FPA award for innovative RSE!

We received the Pamela Sheridan award (highly commended) in 2017 from the Family Planning Association for innovation and good practice in relationships and sex education.

Intimate Worlds exhibition

This was the first ever dedicated exhibition of the erotic and sexually-related artefacts collected as part of the enormous medical history collection of billionaire pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome.

Sexual Knowledge unit

Sex & History is part of the Sexual Knowledge unit which brings together scholars from across the humanities, social sciences and biomedical sciences engaged in research about the construction of sexual knowledge.